Disneyland Paris package

Experience the magic of Disney in Paris. Disneyland Paris celebrated its 15th anniversary last April 2007, but for sure this will still be filled with fun and surprises as always with the Disney spirit. The Eurostar website is currently offering some fantastic Disnleyland Paris deals.

It’s a guaranteed fun-packed experience at EuroDisney. From toddlers, grade school folks, to teenagers, and even parents, Disneyland is the perfect place for the entire family to enjoy! There are some rides for the older ones like the Space Mountain, which is a really fast ghost roller coaster ride and some are really simple ones for the youngsters, like the Winnie the Pooh Story. If you observe carefully, you will realize that the creators of this fantasyland are perfectionists.

You will be amazed on how even the simplest rides are as impressively built with creativity and high-end technology as though they are really serious about making this theme park fun so that there is no room for boredom in this place, even the grouchiest person will manage to smile.

At the end of the day, take the time to just slow down a bit and watch the amazing fireworks display right on top of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. This place is so filled with wonderful things that you will really relive your childhood fantasies.

      Tickets are available at the park entrance or you can also purchase online in advanced. If you’re going by train, you can take advantage of some great packages at Eurostar, which would include your EuroDisney pass, your travel ticket, and even hotel accommodation.

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