Eurodisney breaks are now available with a direct train service through Eurostar so you will arrive directly at the Euro disney site and have no hassle with airport check in and transfers !

There are many ways to save up if you’re planning a trip to Disneyland Paris. Euro Disney short breaks are great if you include your travel ticket and hotel accommodation. This way, you only settle one payment and you won’t have to worry about so much and focus your attention to having a magical time at Disney.

As compared to booking your hotel and trip separately, booking them together would actually come up to a surprisingly lower total price. In your convenience, you can plan your entire trip in advanced and you have the luxury of doing that all online. At the official Eurostar website, you will see a plus sign (+) option to add to your train journey whatever is suitable to your needs. Go to Eurostar check the available packages they offer. 

 You will have the option to choose the travel class and hotel of your choice. For your train journey, you can choose between standard, leisure, and business and there are several hotels to choose from inside and around EuroDisney Paris, ranging from 2-star to 4-star hotels. The train would also take you directly at the entrance gates toEuroDisney.

It is fun, easy, convenient, and incredibly cheaper to book a package.