Eurodisney hotels 

Live the magic inside your own room at the fancy Disneyland hotels to make your EuroDisney trip even more memorable. Euro Disney hotels are just around the corner of the magical world.

There are seven official Disneyland hotels to choose from, each having their own features and themes. The first is called Disneyland Hotel which is right in front of the park entrance. Here you will live like kings and queens in your stay, with the hotel having a Victorian palace theme. At the Hotel New York, you will experience a more sophisticated feel just like in New York City. You can even hangout for a few drinks at the New York City Bar.

If you dream of yachting and enjoy the ocean atmosphere, you can stay at the Disney’s New Port Bay Club which is right at Lake Disney. It features the late 19th Century New England seaside with your room surrounded with the colors white and blue. The Sequoia Lodge has a rather nature-themed ambiance while Hotel Cheyenne has a fun Western atmosphere.

You can live your fantasies of being a cowboy at the Hotel Cheyenne and even join the singing at the Red Garter Saloon where you can grab lively drinks at the beat of country music. Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe projects a vibrant party atmosphere featuring New Mexico and Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch has a forest theme featuring the outdoors. Rooms are bungalow type at the ranch and you will have access to a beautiful indoor spring with waterfalls.

All Disneyland Paris hotels offer guaranteed Disney quality when it comes to service. Free shuttles are available to and from hotels.