EuroDisney tickets can be purchased at the park entrance, or you can book in advanced online at Eurostar and include your travel tickets and hotel accommodation as well.

      A regular one-day, adult ticket costs £35, and for children below 12, it’s £30. Children below 3 years old are granted free admission. Tickets are also available in packages and oftentimes include a Disney Hotel accommodation if you’re planning to spend more than one day. There is also a package which they call, “two parks in one day”. There are two parks: Disneyland resort and Walt Disney Studio Park. Walt Disney Studio Park is more on tours on Disney animations and productions where they show you how they make their special effects. The “hopper ticket” gives you access to both parks within the day. 

      There are also Euro Disney tickets on board the Eurostar train and if you travel by Eurostar, the train drops you directly at the entrance. Some great ticket deals also include Eurostar train travel, plus stay at a EuroDisney Hotel, aside from the park itself. It is really convenient to acquire tickets.

      Depending on the season, ticket prices may also vary as well as the packages. Prices are lower during the off peak season. There are also special packages in a particular season. Last Halloween, they offered a Halloween Night package, where in you only have to pay almost half the price if you go there after 6pm. This coming January to April 2009, kids under 12 years old enter free on both Disney parks plus hotel accommodation if you book a package.

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