Travel by Eurostar Disneyland and your trip will be filled with magical experiences even before you step in to Disneyland Paris. Whether you are coming from London; Lille, France, or Brussels, Germany, your EuroDisney trip is a guaranteed convenience plus a guaranteed anti-bummer for the kids if you take this high-end, high-speed, high-quality Eurostar train journey to the magic kingdom.

This amazing disney train takes passengers into the heart of its route’s cities. Eurostar will take you exactly at the gates of EuroDisney Paris, at Marne-la-Vallee Chessy Station. From London, the trip is only 2 hours and 40 minutes and if you’re already in France, travel from Lille Station to Disney will only be 35 minutes. There are also lots of fun filled activities prepared for the children especially those who are taking the longer trips.

 The members of the EuroDisney staff are there to assist passengers going to Mickey’s place and make sure that the kids are having fun on this fantasy trip.  It is also very convenient for adults. You can choose your travel classes between: Standard, Leisure Select, and Business Premier. Each travel class is already guaranteed quality service, but you will have a few extra special features on the higher classes like bigger space for carriages and flexible train schedules. The food is excellent and there are a lot of good treats to choose from.

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