Eurostar to disneyland paris

Imagine the convenience of going to Disneyland like never before. The best way to get to Mickey’s place in France is to take the Eurostar to Disneyland Paris. If you’re around Western Europe, it’s only a train ride away! Eurostar train takes you exactly at the EuroDisney Paris gates. 

The Eurostar is a high speed train which route is from United Kingdom to France and has interchange links from Lille, France going to Brussels, Belgium and Disneyland Resort Paris at Chessy Station. One regular Adult ticket from London is very affordable. You can also choose travel classes: from Standard, Leisure, and Business Premier, each offers great comfort with some extra special features for the higher classes. For the Business Premier, schedules are flexible. Rate changes apply as package progresses but at a reasonable cost.

The journey from Paris to the Disneyland resort is only a 35-minute train ride. It’s great to have the advantage of high-speed travel without the inconvenient turbulence and expensive tickets on plane. It will definitely be more convenient than coming by plane; the check in time allotted is 30 minutes only compared to almost 2 hours on plane. If you’re coming from London, it will actually take you just about two and a half hours to get there.

Traveling with kids will not be a problem since there are designated areas inside the train where kids can play. . The Disney staff is actually present to assist passengers going to the resort. For the longer rides like the ones coming from United Kingdom, activities and games are even prepared for children since two hours is still a while to keep children from being irritated, especially the younger ones. Plus, imagine having a lot of snack options. The dining service is excellent.

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